Our Labridge Labs

The Lads  
   Cato - y      Coda - y 

Brie   Sebbie

Our Girls
Brie   Sophie - b       Brie    Ruby


Retired Friends

   Lily - b    River - y
Cruizer   Cruizer - b


               Honey - y

  Sage - b   Daisy - c
Deja   Deja - y Brie   Brie - y

Most of our dogs that are retired continue to live the good-life with us here on the farm at Labridge Kennels, while some live with our good friends across Nova Scotia.
Gone but not forgotten
Cael   Cael - c Dahlia   Dahlia - c
Brie   Olive - y  

All of our dogs achieve their complete health clearances prior to being bred, including screening of their eye's and hips.

Our males are all available to stud to approved bitches with all their health clearances.


Dr. Matt Durant
Labridge Kennels
Breeder of CKC Registered Labrador Retrievers
(902) 915-7039